Upwork Mobile Web

Upwork Mobile Web

Designed a feature rich mobile web version of Upwork that focuses on key workflows for clients and freelancers. For Clients, focus was on Posting Jobs, Reviewing Proposals and Messages. Freelancers can Search for Jobs, View Job Proposals and Messages. Understanding the key tasks of our personas aided in narrowing the features, releasing fast and iterating. Visually, we took on the new Upwork branding and colors, and took a flat design approach.

Key designs

Job Posting - We looked usage data from the desktop site to eliminate the steps in the flow that were rarely used. We were able to reduce to main 5 steps to create a compact and simple job posting flow.

Recommended Freelancers - We created "Recommended Freelancers", so clients can start interviewing freelancers immediately after they post a job. The challenge was to make each recommended freelancer appealing for clients to interview. We tested different ordering and types of data to display and visually we tried list and card views.

Simple Job Post - We wanted to test a mobile specific feature where clients can contact freelancers by just using the "Contact" button on profile page. Normally, clients would have to post a full job, then contact freelancers. This design took that contact request and created a simple job post for the client. This way, we were able to test if a contact could become a simple job positing experience. The challenge was how we could get enough information from user, while still maintaining the feeling that it is just a simple contacting experience. After the launch of this feature, mobile posting rates went up.

Key Details

Role: Director of UX Design

Category: Marketplace, Mobile Web

Website: http://upwork.com/mobile