Upwork Messenger iOS

Upwork Messenger iOS

Upwork relied solely on web and had no mobile products. I helped establish a mobile strategy for real-time chat and job tracking to get a foot in the door on mobile apps, with some common tasks our customers have been asking for on mobile. Key to success was simplfying clients ability to view and track their job applicants. View applications and conduct interviews on the web became a long and tedious process due to feature bloat. We dug in to usage data to look for commonly used features to include and rarely used features to omit. In the end we were able to streamline our design over a few rounds of user testing. With the app, clients can chat with candidates in real-time and hire freelancers directly in the room.


Increase the number of clients returning to view job applicants, which was stuck at 40%.

Provide a seemless job posting, vetting and hiring experience on mobile.


89% of users returned to the app and viewed applicants.

Applicant review engagment was strong, as we presented critical information on a card format, suited to mobile.

Curated lists of freelancers, paired with easy filtering, was a hit with clients.

Key Details

Role: Director of UX Design

Category: Marketplace, Chat, Mobile