Hint Go - Intelligent relationship management

I am currently leading vision and strategy for our new line of relationship intelligence products. The first is Hint Go, where I am responsible for both product management and design.

A click through prototype of designs in progress.

Understanding The Problem

My research and experience with customers of CRM products (customer relationship management) yeilded one truth: No users really likes their CRM. Traditonally CRMs are purchase descision made by a CIO or CTO and the end user is forced to use the chosen software. The real users of CRM, salespeople and customer service, are not the beneficeaires of CRM. Users enter data into their CRM as part of their workflow, only to have that data benfit their manager in creating forecasts, users get nothing back from their CRM. It's a chore and time consuming.

Product Brief

Who am I meeting today? What have we discussed before and what’s new with them? When was the last time I called that client in Chicago? When did I last have coffee with John Ball? It’s nearly impossible to keep track of my important customers and what’s new with them.

Hint Go is designed to help your business have meaningful relationships with your customers. Create relationships, get notified, and stay connected. Hint Go briefs you before all your meetings so you’re prepped with the latest information. Hint Go gives a soft nudge to remind you to catch up with old customers and makes it easy to pick up right where you left off. Hint Go is one central place for customer information, accessible from everywhere. Hint Go is packed with AI powered features. Daily Brief organizes and infuses intelligence into your calendar, so you’re up to date with the latest news before your day starts. Intelligent Notifications at scheduled intervals help you keep in touch with customers despite a busy schedule. Updates and Tasks allows you to jot down what is going on with a customer, and helps you be prepared when you reach out to them next time. Never again forget to connect with customers and more importantly, remember what was discussed and have insights into what’s new.