Yahoo! Fantasy Football

Yahoo! Fantasy Football

Responded to user needs with a complete redesign. Redesign promotes expert analysis, player injuries and video, which our users were already heavily consuming. "My Fantasy Updates" module gives users personalized player injury reports and messages, lets the user know what's going on in their league without having to do any digging. Result was an 80% increase in page views last season. Old design only focused on game promotions.

Redesign of user task flow which enabled users to quickly and effortlessly join, create and renew fantasy leagues. Aided to an increase of over 1 mil new users. Total of 6.6 mil users in 07 according to Comscore. Once the commissioner clicks the "Renew League" button, they are only 3 clicks away from renewing, re-inviting friends and starting their league for the new season.

Main navigation was also redesigned through extensive user testing. Drop down menus were introduced and taxonomy changed to make the game more transparent to novices, while using more natural language in naming conventions. All feature enhancements to Football are applied to all the major "draft" style games (Baseball, Basketball & Hockey).

Key Details

Role:Design Manager and Lead Designer

Category:Fantasy Sports, Data Visualization, Social

Website: Yahoo! Fantasy Football